A screenshot of my project titled Heritage Trees

Heritage Trees

React / D3 / Mapbox / Deck.GL

One of my favorite things to do in Portland is go on walks around neighborhoods looking for heritage trees. I wanted to create a map that showed users heritage trees near them, as well as some information about the trees.

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A screenshot of my project titled Transit and Bike Trip Planner

Transit and Bike Trip Planner

React / Redux / MapBox / Deck.GL

For my capstone at Epicodus, I built a Portland based trip planner with the primary modes being bike and transit. I decided to build this app because at the time of development, Google Maps had not released the feature where the user could query a multimodal trip.

I used the Trimet Trip Planner API to find routes, Google Maps API to convert addresses to coordinates, MapBox to display the data, and Deck.GL to visualize the trip.

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A screenshot of my project titled Twitter Clone

Twitter Clone

React / Redux / Jest

This was an exercise in learning React and Redux. The user can tweet as me and can like tweets. The user can also search the body of tweets using the search bar. This was a great introduction to functional programming and testing with Jest.

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A screenshot of my project titled 99% Invisible Clone

99% Invisible Clone

Angular 5 / Firebase / Listen Notes API

This was a an exercise in re-building a site using Angular. This was an attempt to replicate the beautiful 99% invisible invisible site. I chose this site because I love the design, and I felt that the complexity of it would be a good challenge. The small details like audio footer that follows as you scroll through the page and the tasteful hover effects create simple intrigue to the site. The deployed app plays 99% Invisible episodes when the user clicks the 'play'.

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A screenshot of my project titled Food Savor

Food Savor

Angular 5 / TypeScript / Firebase / Node.js

For the final project of our JavaScript course, a small group and I created an Angular app to find recipes that use expiring ingredients. The purpose of the app is to eliminate food waste. The user can search by different diet and health preferences, as well as create an account and save favorite recipes. The user can also add notes to their favorite recipe.

My main contributions were configuring the Google Auth and Firebase database, calling the Recipe Search API, and creating the notes system.

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A screenshot of my project titled Message Hunter

Message Hunter

Ruby on Rails / JavaScript / Google Maps / Postgres

For the final project of our Ruby and Rails course, four of us created a scavenger hunt app using the Google Maps API. The user can leave geo-located messages for other users. If a user checks in to a location and is within a block of a message left for them then they can read the message. The UI is designed to be mobile friendly and responsive in order to enhance the usability of the app.

I contributed to many different aspects of the code from database design, to incorporating the Google Maps API into a Rails application.

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A screenshot of my project titled Mock Bikeshare

Mock Bikeshare

JavaScript / JQuery / Leaflet / HTML / CSS

For the final project in Intro to Programming, four of us created a bike share app, using live data from Biketown. Additionally, when the number of bikes at a station changes, the marker changes momentarily.

I implemented the stations list and the selection station in the UI. This was also the first time I had ever learned how to make a promise, which was a pivotal learning moment.

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A screenshot of my project titled Prison Ecology Project

Prison Ecology Project

React / Mapbox

During my final semester at Humboldt State University, I worked for Professor Tony Silvaggio on visualizing the intersection of mass incarceration and environmental degradation for the Prison Ecology Project. The final map series has been presented to the E.P.A. in Washington D.C and the Convergence to Fight Toxic Prisons 2016.

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